Samsung Electronics has simplified the file sharing process for Galaxy users with Quick Share. The transferring functionality allows the sharing of photos, videos and various files with other Galaxy devices, smartphones or PCs.

Share original image files without losing quality

The biggest advantage of Quick Share is that users can quickly share photos with nearby Galaxy devices in just a few taps regardless of the number and size of the files. With a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, users can send files to up to eight people at a time. [Samsung’s Quick Share is not a separate app, it is an option when sharing in either the My Files or Gallery apps on Samsung smartphones. The share option will upload the full file to Samsung’s Cloud when sharing via a link or QR code, so it’s best used with WiFi – Editor]

Galaxy devices that can accept files are listed according to sharing preferences that the user has set in advance. When the other Galaxy device accepts the file transfer, the file is sent immediately. These shared files can be immediately found in the Quick Share folder created in the Gallery app without a separate download process.

Share quickly and seamlessly with non-Galaxy devices

Quick Share also makes file sharing easy with other smartphones.
When using Quick Share with non-Galaxy users, a Galaxy user can select the file they want to share via Quick Share and choose from the following options: Copy link, Share in an app and Share using QR code. If the user chooses to share the file using a QR code, the recipient can simply copy or scan the code and receive the file instantly on their smartphone or device. Additionally, files uploaded to the Samsung Cloud can be shared with others as well.

Share safely with Private Share

When sharing files containing important personal or financial information, Samsung’s Private Share is there to help your share files securely.

Unlike Quick Share, which uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, Private Share supports file encryption by utilizing blockchain. Users can send a variety of files through Private Share, including images, video, audio and documents. Twenty files of up to 200MB in total can be sent at once to a designated recipient using a phone number and identification number.

The most notable feature of Private Share is that users can control the recipient’s access permission and the file’s expiration date. Users can also adjust the settings and revoke sharing permissions even after the files have been sent.

Additionally, the sender can check whether the recipient has received files as well as if and when they have been opened them. To ensure confidentiality, secure files cannot be downloaded, and screenshots cannot be taken, preventing files from being shared with parties that do not have access.

Samsung Galaxy’s Quick Share and Private Share features enable increasingly smooth communication in the digital era with their convenience, safety and wide usability.


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