The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to feature a periscope lens that allows for higher zoom output. The physical limitations of lens design explain why this feature is likley going to be a Pro Max exclusive, reports Bloomberg.

Notably, in another Apple news, the upcoming MacBook Air is anticipated to offer a 15-inch screen, which will attract users seeking enhanced productivity. However, there’s a drawback for those requiring multi-monitor support, as the older chipset in the MacBook Air lacks this capability. Users in need of such features would have to opt for the more expensive MacBook Pro, says Bloomberg.

Also in the news has been Apple’s third-party repair program. It has received mixed reviews from independent repairers in Australia and the US. Some claim that slow response times and high costs for replacement parts make it difficult for them to compete effectively.

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Furthermore, In terms of display technology, Apple is reportedly investing heavily in microLED displays and plans to shift production from Samsung Display to its own manufacturing plants. Benefits? Greater control over production and supply chain, lower power consumption and vibrant colors.

The anticipation for Apple’s mixed reality headsets is growing, with predictions circulating about what to expect at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Sources familiar with the project suggest that Apple’s initial vision of unobtrusive eyeglasses has evolved into a headset resembling ski goggles.

Moreover, Apple is preparing for a special event focused on new accessibility features for the iPhone, further highlighting the company’s commitment to inclusivity and usability for all users.


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